About Us

Lorain County Manufacturing Sector Partnership

Who We Are

The Lorain County Manufacturing Sector Partnership (LCMSP) is an employer-led group committed to promoting manufacturing and growing the available workforce in the region for manufacturing companies. The LCMSP is a Working Group of the Lorain County Manufacturing Council, a 501(c)(3) serving manufacturers in Lorain County.

Our Mission

Working together to promote manufacturing and grow the available workforce.

Our Purpose

The Lorain County Manufacturing Sector Partnership (LCMSP) was formed to create public awareness of local manufacturing careers and training programs available within the community.

To do this, the Partnership will work together to:

  1. Identify common issues, challenges, and opportunities in manufacturing.
  2. Prioritize the needs of the industry for clarity.
  3. Participate in program initiative such as internships, company tours, school visits/career fairs, and Manufacturing Day events
  4. Communicate needs to policy makers, educators, and media to benefit the pubic’s awareness.
  5. Participate in facilitated conversations with the organization and design responsive solutions.
  6. Address current and emerging skills gaps with short and long term solutions.
  7. Implement “rules of engagement” to avoid competitive workforce practices within the council partnerships.
  8. Align programs, education/training curriculum and other resources servicing employers and workers to ensure implementation of the best practices leading to successful solutions.

Lorain County Manufacturing Sector Partnership (LCMSP) is a 501(c)(3) organization.